Preparing Kava

First place your portion of awa root in your nylon bag. The amount you use will depend on how much you are making and how strong you want it to be, but the base proportion is 6 gallons of kava from a 2 kilo bag.

When you receive your kava it may still be partially frozen. It will need to thaw before you can make your kava beverage.
This pulp is simply the mashed roots of the fresh kava plants we grow right here on the Big Island at our farm in Hamakua. It will be a thick paste and should be pliable so that you can squeeze the oily juices from it to make good kava.
Place a portion of your pulp in your nylon straining bag. You will want to make at least about a gallon at a time, which means you will need a container large enough to hold more than a gallon of liquid.
If you have a wooden kava bowl,
you can make your kava right in the bowl.
Pour cold water into your bowl or pitcher
and over your bag of kava pulp.
And now for the fun part!It’s time to get your hands in there and start squeezing that kava. You will see the water start to get cloudy right away.

Keep adding your cold water and squishing
and wringing your kava pulp inside its bag.

Remember that the awa is a sacred plant, and its preparation should be performed in reverence and with a spirit of thanks for the gift of awa. Just as there are traditions for how to drink awa, there are also traditions for preparing the awa. The first basic way to squeeze the awa is just to twist the bag from the top down.
Once the bag is twisted shut you can also simply mash it together with your hands. The more you massage your kava the thicker and more oily your beverage will become (and stronger too!)
Here Zack demonstrates the technique of winding the kava bag into a braid-like twist. This really gets a good extraction, making the kava thick and dark.
He then rolls the bag up on itself and squeezes.
And folds it over his hand.Each of these methods has its traditional basis, and whatever method you use you should consider it as your ceremony of preparing the awa and perform your extraction conscious of extracting mana or spirit from the awa, as well as simply mixing a liquid.
After your extraction is complete, stir your kava. It is important to stir the kava frequently as the mixture will settle over time.  
  Also, it is important when stirring your kava to scoop some out and pour it through the air back into the bowl. This aeration helps the kava stay fresh tasting.
Your kava is now ready to serve!  
  Pour out a shell or cup.
Use a coconut shell as your ladle.
Then float the serving shell in your bowl.  
  Offer kava to your friends,
your ohana and loved ones, with aloha.
Teach them to hold the shell with two hands and to drink the entire shell straight down at once.  
  ..clap twice to release the kapu.Remember, the essence of the kava ceremony is a spirit of peace, open-mindedness and respect.And remember to have fun too!

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